I recently made a short film that had some full-on facial obesity prosthetics made for the actors.

Unfortunately, the prosthetic didn't stick to their faces as well as hoped for one scene where their moving around. It came loose from their movements.

There is some peeling around their eyes and mouth -- and we were racing against the clock and didn't have time to re-apply unfortunately.

Is there a proven method in After Effects for blending the edges of slippery prosthetics? Or is roto and tracking pretty much it?

My thought was to make a mask, apply some kind of blur with heavy feathering over the edges of the prosthetics that werent sticking to skin, and do my best to frame-by-frame it.

If I hop over to photoshop, that content aware fill does a nice job of adding texture + a suitable amount of blur, but it's not consistent between frames sadly, otherwise it would have been perfect.