The UX180 isn't designed or intended for shooting narrow depth of field in every shot, but on the other hand, the sensor is bigger than a traditional 2/3" video camera or 16mm film frame, and with a little bit of care in staging and lighting (and maybe some ND filtration), you can use it to create moderately out of focus backgrounds in interview settings and such. It isn't THAT far behind the DVX200 (I own both) because the DVX's lens ramps its aperture down to around f/4 at all but the widest zoom settings. Still, if your style demands razor-thin DOF in every shot, you're unlikely to be completely satisfied by either one of these cameras, and will need to shoot with fast glass on an interchangeable lens large sensor camera. That's one reason why I also got an EVA-1 recently.

All these cameras complement each other and it's very unusual for me to shoot any significant project with one of them exclusively. You have to pick the right tool for each different situation and intended look. For me, narrow DOF is only necessary in a limited number of my shooting situations, while light rigged weight and a wide-range servo zoom are valuable in many. Therefore, the UX180 is the most used of the six different cameras (two of them pretty much obsolete) I own. (And I fully realize not everybody can afford a whole shelf full of different cameras, so choices and compromises have to be made.)

- Greg