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But can the GH5 be configured with BT.2020 without buying any third-party software? I shoot only in UHD with my GH5. Thanks
Yes but not UHD 50P. Picture profile HLG will give you close to the maximum range on the GH5 but will only shoot 50P in HD and for UHD it is restricted to 30P. Also HLG is video range where VLog is full range. I seem to recall going over this with you over a year ago, maybe 2 years or more now. If you want 50P UHD, HLG 4:2:2 you will need to use an external recorder like the ATOMOS Ninja V. Also then there will be no internal recording in this mode. For your application not a real solution. V Log is an option for you that will cost you $100 for the key for your GH5. A little more difficult to expose but lots to gain. I shoot V Log all the time now on both my GH5 and GH5S. Requires more work too when editing to correct colours so definitely not a shoot and watch approach.