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    Seems like Panny is making a clear distinction between cinema cam and ENG cam product lines. In the news world, P2 is still a real go to for reliability and file transfer. At DVXuser, not much is said about ENG cams anymore, news organizations and ENG shooters just don't hang here. But ENG is still a very important market segment for all the cam manufacturers. Panny cinema has abandoned P2 all together. Ever since the introduction of the HVX200 they took a real beating on the cost of P2 despite the inherent reliability and great codecs. I suppose SD reliability has improved over time, but given their history, I still have a distrust of SD. At least if you have two SD slots you can do redundant recording. I would have preferred P2 for all their cams and short of that gone with CF cards in the cinema cams. But CF has fallen out of favor to some extent as well.

    True North said, "All new ENG style camcorders from Sony, Canon and Panny use 1" sensors for 4K shooting"

    Although single sensors are infiltrating eng cams, many-most still use 3 chips and some even use CCD sensors
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