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    Hi From UK from new developer/engineer member.
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    Hi All,

    Just a quick note on who I am,
    I am a development engineer who specialises in 3D printing and robotics. I also do a bit of film making on the side.
    I have started a 'production company' called Dual Peaks and will be publishing work under this name.
    For a sample of the video work I have been involved in please check out the advert I worked on last year for a local charity:
    I filmed /edited and did the VFX for this.

    Heads up: I do have a kickstarter running (video gear) which I want to post about but wanted to check this was ok. Any guidelines?



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    Hi, Richard,

    Product kickstarters are considered commercial advertising. So, no. You can find this in the "Guidelines and Eight Ps".
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