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    Marketplace For Sale Thread Deleted Without Reason/Contact?
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    I recently posted a for sale thread in the marketplace yesterday for my HVX200p bundle and it randomly got deleted sometime last night. No PM from an admin or anything, just a broken link when I went to it from my bookmarks. Can't find it it my recent posts either.

    I'm sure all the rules were followed as I have definitely been a member for 60 days, had the price in green text at the top of the post, listed everything, provided photos, etc. Did I miss something? Can I edit it so that I don't have to start from scratch and remember what I had written?

    Thanks and please let me know!
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    In your thread, you indicated:

    I'd like to keep this package together just to make it easier on me but if you're interested in any specific item let me know.
    In our Guidelines, which condition participation, we have strict bundle rules:

    NEW Bundles mean Bundles. Bundled threads are currently the primary hassle and time-suck for marketplace moderation. Short of prohibiting bundled threads, we ask that you do not post a bundle unless you are *only* willing to sell it as a bundle. From our side, this is a primary method of skirting bumping rules, commercial activity, etc, etc. There are no exceptions on this. We leave the option open for those who truly want to sell their gear *only* as a bundle. If you post "willing to split", your thread may be closed/deleted.
    As a result, your thread was deleted pursuant to our rules:

    Remember, it's your responsibility to read, understand, and comply with these Guidelines. We do not provide warnings.
    Please read, review, and follow our rules.

    We've sent you a PM about reopening your thread.

    Thank you.
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