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    Quote Originally Posted by firehawk View Post
    I just now bought an iPhone 6s plus for backup use with my Phantom 3 Pro and Inspire 1 pro. Problem is you cannot download anything but the newest DJI Go3 app....I've read many reasons not to download the new(er) versions so I want to download an older version instead.
    Anyone have advice how to do this?
    I've read some users using a program called Charles that pauses the itunes download mid-stream and allows you to manually enter a value to download an older version of your choice. I really am not good at this type stuff at all, and am extremely short on time. I wish it wasn't such a hassle using these otherwise fantastic machines.
    Without Jailbreaking your phone, which I presume is already on iOS11 (so no Jailbreak available) Apple has removed the App's section on the desktop iTunes application, which was the only 'easy' way to load previous applications to your iOS Device.

    I think either today or tomorrow 4.1.22 of the DJI Go 4 app will be pushed out to the App Store.
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    Thanks. Correct. I am on iOS 11.

    Is it possible that if I backed up my ipad that has GO3 app on my Mac desktop that I could transfer GO3 to my iphone 6s by connecting it to the Mac desktop?

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