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    Large format printer recommendation
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    Sad story: My large format Canon printer could no longer be supported economically. It was old enough that aftermarket ink wasn't available and it needed a printhead. A Canon ink tank set and printhead was going to run $1500. Canon no longer supported the print driver so I had to keep a legacy OS (tiger) to run the old gal. As much as it was a very good machine which produced great output, it just wasn't worth it to keep it running.

    So I am in the market for a new 17" or 24" photo printer. I don't do high volume, I might make a run of a dozen prints once a month. I prefer to have a roll feed with a cutter, but would consider a hand feed. I'll spend what I have to for good quality output but would prefer to keep it below $2000. I trend towards Canon, but would consider Epson. I have been burned several times by HP so that would take some convincing. Your recommendation would be appreciated.

    TIA Grant

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    I had the Epson P800 until recently. Sold it off after a year of nonuse. AMAZING printer, though. Couldn't recommend it enough. In the end, I just didn't need a large format art printer.
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