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    Templates/tutorials for fast sports
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    Hi guys,

    Ive just started working for a company that covers a lot of marathons. The production value really leaves a lot to be desired but I HAVE to work with what they give me. The last marathon was shot with an amateur camera man with an a6300 and I was caught off guard when I was asked to shoot some stuff my self with my cellphone!!! And I ended up HAVING to use A LOT of the cellphone footage because I needed the extra shots for a dynamic editing. The videos have to end up with around 1min and half and they need to be dynamic, but I want MORE than just that. I want them to look good and professional, and not like they were made up of shots taken by crowd members. Until I can convience the company to invest in having 2 or 3 PRO camera man I will end up with mostly crappy footage and the only way I can KIND of fix it up a little bit is with some really good looking motion graphics. Ive worked with After FX like 15 years ago and Im very slowly learning the ropes again, but I need to be able to do some "fancy" work on these videos FAST! Does anyone know where I can find some editable templates I can use? Also, some tutorials would be nice.

    Here is EXACTLY what Im looking for so you guys can be more precise:

    These could maybe be usefull but the first 2 ones are REALLY what Im looking for:

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    I had to do something similar for an editing job where the footage provided was static shots on a tripod. No pans, no tilts, nothing. Just static shots. It was for a gym so it needed to be high energy. I used a very similar AE template to the ones you have linked above.

    Lots of websites sell templates and they're pretty easy to use. If the template designer did a good job, there will be comp layers where you can just drop your footage in. I haven't seem many that provide a tutorial, but again, if the designer did a good job, they're usually pretty easy to work with in terms of changing the text, font, colors, etc. has a bunch, so does and Using the templates will save you a ton of time, especially if you haven't used AE in quite some time.

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