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    Not true...
    Yes, of course. Reductio ad absurdum. If you view it like a solar eclipse, the resolution won't matter ... but it's (currently) made for the walk-up crowds at expositions with the pixel pitch tiny enough not to be noticed at a point blank range.

    By the way, a 38" 4K screen has a 100 pixel per inch density. A current leader (going off Wikipedia) in PPI for smartphones is at 806. Sharp's VR display is at over 1000 PPI. I think Steve Yedlin will be horribly disappointed as resolution numbers will b climbing up and up.

    Quote Originally Posted by James0b57 View Post
    Holy jamoly! I want one! That is crazy! Never even considered anyone would build something like that!
    At the moment, these are incredibly expensive, well over $1M for a cinema size screen. Samsung just put one up in South Korea as a proof of concept but even that is "only" 30' wide, much smaller than a 65'-70' movie screen.

    PS. Canon has been exhibiting its 8K projector, which is a combination of four 4K projectors, each responsible for a quarter of the screen, for a couple of years now. From the economic perspective, that would be the next step for the ultra high end theater.
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