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    1Dx II right baseplate?
    Hi folks, I would like any advice to get a right baseplate.
    Since itīs a tall body I wasnīt able to find right choice.
    Mostly use without rods BUT it will useful to get them, to add mattebox and handgrips!
    I tiried with 16x9 cine M15 baseplate, built like a tank, BUT unable to fit Lens inside MMB1 mattebox, taller body.
    mybest and many thanks!
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    Arri LWS kit 1Dc
    Tilta ES-T11
    Movcam 1Dc / 5D

    all of them just baseplate, since 1Dx2 is 4mm taller than 1Dc, so the whole cage systems are not compatible!

    cheers mates!

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    I have the Arri cage system for my 1DC and my uneducated guess says it is compatible because:

    1. you don't have to mount the cage system to the camera shoe therefore negating any height issue. The cage sits in front of the camera a little bit so the battery slides out without any issue.

    2. The piece that does mount between the cam shoe and the cage (Arri CHS-1) is height adjustable by a little bit.

    Personally I can't recommend the Arri stuff enough. I love the Arri 3/8" interface with the registration pins. I literally will never buy anything else that doesn't have registration pins. That cage is ready for anything you throw at it. I often run a sound devices mix pre d mounted to the cage along with a shotgun mic and a wireless receiver and nothing budges during the shoot. I modified the SD XL-Cam bracket to Arri 3/8" and its rock solid and never moves.
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    Hi Matt! xtremely useful note. I checked Tilta isnīt compatible. Till now I have any answer from Movcam and Arri sellers. From my side, Arri is top notch, the problem is my wallet depth !

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