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    Timecode out from XC15 to Sound Devices MixPre-3?
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    Has anyone successfully recorded timecode from the XC15 to an external device via HDMI? I recently got a Sound Devices MixPre-3, which can record timecode via its HDMI input. However, I can't get it to work: no matter which combination of settings I chose, timecode is not recorded with the audio on the MixPre-3. I've also got a 1DX2 and that seems to be working just fine: when I put the 1DX2 into free fun mode, I see the timecode on the screen of the MixPre-3; if I do the same thing with the XC15, no timecode is displayed. (This isn't the only test I've done but it's simple.)

    Any ideas?


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    I have an XC10 and MixPre-3 and was doing this exact thing a few days ago. What I found was that I could get it to work with HD but not 4K. I don't understand why. In 4K mode, I did notice the timecode settings said it was outputting a 1080p / 2CH signal... I'm still trying to get 4K / timecode to work with the MixPre-3.

    One thing that did trip me up: when you have wifi enabled for remote control, the XC10 doesn't output anything via HDMI. Such an annoying feature. You can have wifi or HDMI but not both. Really Canon??

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