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    Quote Originally Posted by Noiz2 View Post

    For big events with lots of inputs I have used Boom Recorder and an Alesis FW mixer. You could use a lot of other input devices, BR is compatable with a lot of devices.

    And you can combine a lot of them to create one really big vertual input device.

    Scott - You mean for example, I can connect multiple 8-channel USB input boxes and they will work together? I've been wanting something like this. The manual doesn't make it clear that it can do this. I've wondered why ProTools doesn't do this.

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    BR can use "aggregated" inputs, so yes you can use a variety of input devices and BR will treat them as one big interface. There should be a page on his site of devices that are known to work with BR and that list should also indicate if the device is "aggregate-able".

    Also there are some mixers with a computer link that have a lot of inputs that will show up as iso tracks, so if you are looking at 24 tracks or less you can probably find a single box that can do it.

    I believe the aggregating is a Mac OS thing so it may be able to dork on the current Protools? You could do that with the old ProTools (HD) by adding additional interfaces, but those were all Digidesign proprietary interfaces as PT didn't work with any third party interfaces. That also didn't work with PT Le and it's interfaces.

    The main reason folks like Digidesign / Avid were very reluctant to support third party interfaces is control. If you stick some POS interface on and get all kinds of latency and problems Digi is going to take the heat. I'm sure there were $ considerations also since they sold hardware but the compatibility issue is something software that depends on hardware has a long and not pretty history with.

    Even if Digi supported aggregated devices I wouldn't use PT for recording a concert. I like PT and have used it since V3 but it has never been a rock of stability. Boom Recorder is a rock. I have never had it glitch, it has a nice big buffer to handle disk writes that might otherwise cause a hiccup and it lets you take notes that connect to the recordings while the recording is going on.

    It is not very well suited to studio music recordings though. You can't easily play back a recording and record to it, and you can't add tracks to a recording. It is very good at what it was designed for which is live production recording.

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    The gig worked out but the feed was LINE out and very hot. The live talent was much louder than the DJ, so I had to keep adjusting my levels. Glad you guys recommended the -20 pad. Thanks...

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