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    Streaming Audio and Video to next room questions
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    Hello Dvxusers. I've been tasked with streaming a live event to a room next door. The live event is a funeral with a speaker at a podium. I'm needing help with what type of setup I will need for both audio and video. The rooms are 100ft apart.

    I'm assuming a camera with SDI output that can receive wireless audio.

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    Are you recording as well, or just using the camera to stream to the next room.

    and what gear is at the location, screen and audio wise?

    if you have a camera and screen that supports SDI then running SDI and audio to the next room is an option, but note anything other than pro screens won't be able to do anything with it (however you can probably convert it to something more useful with a cheapish box). You will need to run audio seperately, which may be a pain depending on the camera you are using

    100 feet is too long for HDMI, but you could probably cover it with a decent HDMI over cat5 send and receive pair or similar. This might be the easiest way if you have a consumer camera and/or display. As long as you can get audio into the camera, then you just need the one network cable run between the two rooms.

    a third option, is a bit overkill for the intended use, but you might be able to use a streaming service - youtube live or facebook etc... on a phone (or a lot of cameras support it these days), and plug a computer into the screen.

    What will the audio setup be? are you using the location's radio microphone/s? as you are can't just get a camera that can receive wireless audio. You'll need at least one radio microphone transmitter (lapel mic, or hand held) and a receiver that plugs into the camera's mic inputs if you need
    OR, depending on the venue, you may be able to take a send from their system, and

    If you have to run audio between the two locations, best option would be XLR sends, but then you need to convert it in a way to feed it into your screen. long RCA's / 3.5mm cables might work, but your mileage may vary.

    Hopefully that is clear enough to be useful, and you can make some sense out of it.

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