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    if *I* recall correctly the 24p modes that I'm thinking of on those cams did some kind of pulldown to spread the 24 frames correctly over 30 visible de-interlacing involved. Similar to how all films for view on tv at 60i were done. It should maintain the exact same 24p look. Maybe just try a test? shoot a little 60i, if your cam has the correct mode for 24p on a 60i timeline, shoot some 24p with that, mix em on a 60i timeline and see what happens.

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    Thanks all for suggestions.

    Really what I was pushing to do was keep the motion cadence of 60i and not compromise the cadence of the 24p footage--so using a 60i timeline wasn't ideal as it would interlace the the 24p stuff (Josh), and I feel the degraded approach with the 60i footage, adding fake scan lines etc (Sam) is a kind of retro idea that should have gone out with SD.

    I used JES Deinterlacer, which I'd downloaded years before for something else. Under the deinterlace tab there was an option to select either field or both. I selected both. 60i footage successfully (and quickly) converted to 60p. Pretty nice job too, I didn't see any artifacting in the motion.

    Then it was as simple as placing the footage along with the 24p material onto a 60p (59.94) timeline. Both Youtube and Vimeo displayed it as a 1080 60 file and the motion cadence of both was properly retained.
    Charles Papert

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