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    Text remove and replace on moving 3D object with moving camera
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    All the AE tutorials I see for clone brush removal and replace are always overly simple, easy shots. The object is flat and stationary, maybe some camera shake. Or the camera is steady, and the object is moving but flat.

    I have a round 3D object that moves in space, while the camera has a slight zoom. The text on it is curved, and changes as the object moves around. I need to remove the current text and replace with new text, that has the same distortion properties, that also change slightly as the object moves, along with the scale as the camera zooms a bit.

    Yeah, not easy. It's not crazy complicated, it's doable, but is there a good way to do this without going frame by frame? Or any more advanced tutorials available for something like this? All I get is easy simplistic tutorials...

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    Off hand I'm not sure. Just curious, how many frames?

    In fact, maybe to help us better understand what your specifically after is to post it, on say Vimeo, with a password which we could request via PM, so we could arrive at or suggest maybe a possible alternative solution.
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