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    Coming from DSLR's, I had a pretty steep learning curve with the DVX. As I've used it more and more, I am continually impressed with what it can do when set up properly. Problem is, initially it took me (seemingly) forever to get it set up right! It gets easier with time. It really is a pretty high performance camera but getting used to the form factor after using DSLR's for so long still takes some getting used to. I wish it could do 4.2.2. internal... but I like the fact it uses SD cards which are cheap. Batteries last a really long time. I wish it did a bit better in low light. Seems like the dual record down-scaled 1080 is better than "regular" 1080... (so I use that and keep the 4K as a backup because, really,... 4K is showy but 1080 pays the bills!) As compact as it is, it does get heavy after a while and I really try and relegate it to tripod or steadycam use. The menu system is a bit goofy. I wish it had some kind of more sophisticated settings "readback" function to let you know what ISN'T working in the current setting (where the hell did my focus magnification go??? Oh, I'm in area mode...) I also wish the lens was constant aperture, but with a bit of pre-planning you can work around that. I wish it was a bit better weather sealed like some of the high end DSLR's. It doesn't suffer fools, though, and as such isn't as forgiving. Read the manual and practice a lot with it ESPECIALLY if coming from DSLR's. Things I don't like? Well, it's still BIG... a pain to take carry on. It attracts a lot of attention. People think your a TV news guy. That can be good or bad depending on the situation. Hard to be discreet with it. For "low profile" situations I default to my Canon C300 which looks like a fat DSLR and most people don't notice it if it's stripped down without handles. No regrets. I'm going to use this thing for a long time. But I've learned with cameras (and guns, and cars, and airplanes...) rarely can one item do all the missions you may need it to do. Hence, I have a collection of cameras that can all subtly do different things a bit better than one or the other. The DVX is a damn good tool, though. Learn it and it will serve you very well indeed in a wide variety of situations.

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    Came from video cameras to DSLR's back to the DVX200 and have to say it's one of my much better decisions. I film everything from sports to educational content, and this is as close to Jack of all trades as I can imagine.
    It's really worth spending time to get to know properly - little things like the autofocus working much better when on higher framerates, and nailing exposure using waveform/zebras for V-Log transform your work and ease of acquisition.

    On the subject of profiles I have to say that despite installing Barrys GH4 profiles to match with my actual GH4, the skin tones still didn't seem quite right. Nothing terrible, but looked too video and not very subtle. I also noticed an exaggeration of skin blotchiness (or maybe the camera was being truthful!). I switched to V-LOG on both and what a transformation! Even 8bit V-LOG in my humble estimation is much better than the inbuilt profiles. Set your skin tone zebras to warn you of over exposure and all seems to be well. I shot a set of interviews - 2 camera (GH4 and DVX200) set to V-log and it looked fantastic - minimal grading - just the DVX LUT, and expansion of contrast. I use 10bit on a Shogun for green screen, and I can now key reliably in Premiere without having to resort to After effects Keylight plugin.

    I find the DVX much quicker than the GH4 to set up for interviews, and selecting the autofocus zone when you're shooting wide open close to the subject cures the headaches when they lean into the camera, or away. Very occasionally get an AF pop, but nothing to worry about.

    I have also used the DVX on a steadicam rig - worked great - a tad heavy, but compared to a DSLR what isn't. Great battery life too.

    I've even used the infra-red with an illuminator!


    This may not be the camera - I use sandisk extreme 90mb/s for 4K 25p, and very occasionally i get corruption at the end of a file. I'm talking only 3 files in over 1800 shot so not huge, but difficult to spot without playing the entire clip through. The DVX does not report it as corrupted, but the giveaway is the audio suddenly goes intermittent and distorted. I recovered most of the file by trimming in Premiere and re-exporting.

    For completely automatic steadicam work it would be nice to have electronic ND like in my Sony NXCAM - but at this price point probably unreasonable

    Internal 10bit would be amazing!

    A mic clip that is set back more so I don't have to trim down my Rycote softies (they get in the frame on wide) would be nice! Although fixable by placing a mount on the handle.

    Being able to remove the handle like on my AF101 so I can operate the rocker zoom across the camera...

    Otherwise a very solid bit of kit - great lens - super sharp, not much noise really (in normal situations) - very happy.

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