This is basically a two part question. Presently, I use a Cannon 60D that sits on a rail that's about 2 feet. I can control the speed in which it travels. I use this rig to get a little over 2 seconds worth of video at 15 fps. I then export to a tiff sequence for 30 frames that is used to make 3D portraits. Since the camera is moving along the rail it's getting different angles to give a true 3D look in the picture.

First question, is there a way to instead of having the camera taking 2 seconds or more to move along, is there a rig I can come up with that can have up to 30 inputs that can capture a scene with on click? In other words, video/still inputs I could control to take all those different angles with a single click. This would be ideal for doing 3D shots with pets, babies, and even some sports that can't stay still for a 2 second capture.

Second question, since it might be a little difficult to get up to 30 inputs, is there a way to minimize the number of inputs and use a software that has the capability to extrapolate between frames to fill out the 30 files needed to make this a truly 3D picture?

Any recommendations for hardware and software would be greatly appreciated.