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Not to mention that if you don't already own an external recorder you also need to buy that to get proper codecs for the above 30p frame rates :S and add on top of that: batteries for it and media.
For some reason European customers always seem to be paying a premium for their cameras, probably down to vat rates and tariffs.

I had hoped for a 6,500 Euro Price (including vat)
With worldwide camera sales falling it seemed like an ideal time for Panasonic to be aggressive and poach customers from Sony and Canon.
With no other Panasonic product in this price ranger and the DVX200 retailing for 4,000 Euro
they could potentially increase sales and take over this market segment.
From what I can see camera sales are shrinking and the price you get for second hand gear is almost non existent.
It's up to Panasonic how they wish to price and sell the EVA-1 but IMHO it would make sense to
go in lower and take all the sales, than hold out for more and sell less.