Hello Friends

I shot this film in Pakistan back in January and released it last week after a few weeks of private showings. This was a tough video to shoot and edit as we had to deal with working around police escorts, rock slides, rough weather, etc. This is a wildlife/conservation film with the intention of showing the side of Pakistan most people don't get to see. I focused on following an American adventurer as he pursued three big game animals in three different areas in Pakistan. We hoped to show people the benefits of hunting and how it provides for the communities and people there.

I wanted to keep my setup light for this trip since we were needing to constantly be on the move and often times were hiking for miles in extreme altitudes, particularly in the Himalaya mountains. Because of this, all I used for this project was a Sony A7SII, a Sony A6500, a handful of Canon lenses, a few mics and a tripod. The entire project was naturally lit.

To me, this film demonstrates the benefits of the lowlight shooting A7SII as well as its (and the A6500's) ability to survive in tough environments. I was really pleased with the footage these little cameras gave me. The A6500 was a bit soft in HD on high frame rate shots, but other than that, it served me well as a B-cam.

I hope you all enjoy this film as much as I enjoyed making it.

Mera Safar Film: https://vimeo.com/rusticrivermedia/merasafar