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    Which EF to M43 adaptor works on GH5 - Active,Smart,Dumb,Focal Reducer,Speed Booster?
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    I have some Canon lenses that I want to use on the Panasonic GH5 camera but there seems to be some mixed information online on which EF to M43 adaptors work properly.
    So I would like to know for those who have used, tried or tested them, which one works for the GH5 camera or partially works and what are the issues or work around.
    I am open to the following types, though for now, budget is a concern so I will start low until getting a more top notch one in the future.
    • Active, Smart
    • Dumb, Passive
    • Focal Reducer, Speed Booster
    • Known and unknown brands
    If you can provide links to the actual device, would be great.


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    Metabones updated their firmware so my somewhat older SpeedBooster Ultra seems to work fine with my GH5, & EF lenses, though I haven't tested all of the optics yet.

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