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    Looks very, very similar to what happens when I shoot with the blackmagic pocket under tungsten lights.

    CaptainHook made a lut to help deal with IR contamination after the fact. Much better to prevent at from the get go, but I have found it handy.
    Not sure if it'd translate to the varicam as it was designed for blackmagic cameras.

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    Hey team,

    First post on DVXuser here - I finally got approved, but I've been reading this forum for the past few months and I'm glad that this discussion has come up.

    I tested the LT and was impressed with the build, IQ, motion cadence but not so much the reboots, poor slow mo IQ and the IR POLLUTION!

    Mind you I only had half a day playing with it at a rental house (demo unit). Shot indoors and outdoors with a cooke s4 mini set.

    Everything outdoors in full sunlight was just red/magenta/brown/purple lookin'. The subject's black shirt was purple. Skin tones very red. Mind you, I shot everything wide open using the heaviest internal nd density.

    This is just with the vlog lut.

    vlog lut with green correction. To me the background and skin are kind of acceptable, but his shirt is not.

    This is indoors under a daylight fluorescent light. More true colours here. (how intense are those blues in the BG though!?)

    I'd buy this camera, to me its image texture, cadence and dynamic range is very arri (organic and filmic as opposed to digital like) - but panasonic needs to look into possibly providing a better IR cut filter. I'm going to do some testing in the next couple weeks with an external IR cut filter because I want this camera to succeed.

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    I encountered an issue with IR while shooting in sunlight today. I guess I need to buy an IR cut filter, but would prefer if Panasonic could make one that could be placed internally.

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