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It's really remarkable how many features they have added to this camera, and all for FREE. Among several fixes and enhancements, the big ones:

4k 4:2:2 Internal
UHD at 60p
Prime Zoom
Histogram & Spotmeter
120fps in HD
Cinema 2K and Cinema 4K
Log Recording w/ R709 preview & LUTs
70mbs 4K for non U3 SD cards
New bitrates added for streaming
Adjustable black level and color matrix

They could have easily saved these for an LS300 "A" model, or charged for the FW like certain other camera makers have done The LS300's build may have some users raising an eyebrow, but JVC has put a LOT of effort under the hood. In the interchangeable 4K market- this camera has the most value for it's cost IMO.
Agreed. JVC deserves credit for providing a lot of bang for the buck. I'm very happy with my LS300, and the free firmware upgrade is going to make the camera even better.