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    Marketplace: One Item Per Thread... since when?
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    I just noticed this thread:

    I only clicked on it because I'm interested in snagging a BM Video Assist. That said, I notice it was closed for having multiple items. I looked at the guidelines and didn't see any prohibition on multiple items per thread... just on breaking bundles (which we've already hashed out). Is this a new guideline?

    The only one that's at all "one" related is the "one thread per item"... but I read that as prohibiting duplicates... not forcing every item into a distinct thread.

    i.e.: "don't keep re-posting your item over and over" vs. "selling two things on your thread"

    Either way is fine... I just want to make sure I don't step over the line on my next post (I frequently posted multiple items per thread in the past).
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    I think it's new? My guess is that it's supposed to stop large threads from staying at the top of the front page. I hate it, it's a stupid way to fix what was never really an issue, and it creates the actual issue of both making it a much bigger pain to sell multiple items and quickly pushing everything down faster and makes it more difficult to offer package discounts to people who want to buy multiple things. I think that at the VERY least people should be allowed to list related items (like a lens set) in the same thread.

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