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    Quote Originally Posted by firehawk View Post
    The newer Panasonic battery line such as this large one
    work in the AG UX180. The old CGA D54 also works in the AG UX180. So I wonder if the new line of Panasonic batteries work in the old AG AC90?
    That was my thought originally but inthe fuller description here that points out that It turns out that there are three batteries in the IDX series... SL-VBD50, SLVBD65 and SL-VBD90 all with the same interface plate. The 50 is discontinued and the 65 and 90 are 5mm wider which is 2mm too wide for the AC90!!! Not sure if I am more pee'd off with Panasonic or IDX about this :-)

    So take care. Measure twice and buy once :-)
    It was that problem that started my journey with IDX (who made a house call with a huge bag of options to try out)

    Battery life depends on a lot of things. How often you use them the number of charges, how they are stored, the level of charge they are stored at, temperature of store and environment they are used in etc etc Talking to IDX they said batteries normally last 3-7 years depending on all those variables. Mine are at the longer end of the 3-7 life but I have noticed they are starting to discharge a bit faster in use these days.

    The other plus point for me with V-lock is at corporate work eg conferences I would be less reliant on mains power if i needed to run all day. I would not need mains power and mains cables for a long day. I know I can swap batteries but you need to know you can get an hour in one continuous take. This also means mains supply somewhere to recharge the smaller batteries.

    Anyway it gives more options and will alert those who still want to grab some more of the standard AC90 batteries.
    AT the moment (July 2019) IDX Europe and, I am told, B&H USA do have stock of the SLVBD50

    However they are chemical devices so the life clock of the battery starts ticking from the point of manufacture. All be it slower than when you start using it.
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    Thanks and I should have read the earlier post closer. Strange the actual Panasonic batteries (new style) don't fit like the old ones but they sure don't. Too wide like you said.

    I see Watson, Green Extreme and other 3rd parties still sell their versions of the old CGA-D54 batteries. Maybe when the Panasonic ones are gone they will still be around.

    I went ahead and ordered another Panasonic CGA-D54 so I should be good for several more years. By then I prob wont' be using the AC90A anymore and the other cams can use the new style batteries if needed.

    Yes. Using V-lock sure is nice for loooooooooooooong run times and powering other items.
    I'd like to run my FS700R off V-mount along with monitor. That would be nice.

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