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    "I wish I knew this when I started..." (New to Drones - Just got a Mavic)
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    Just picked up Mavic pro, done 5 flights just learning and testing it out. There's a lot to absorb, and I want to use it on an international shoot next week to get some important shots. Will be practicing this week, but would love to hear general tips, advice, etc. on how to shoot the best professional looking footage possible. Most YouTube videos and sources are hobbyists, many with questionable advice.

    Here is just SOME of what I am questioning so far after a few flights:

    Tapping AF for the Mavic seems to cause the camera to not-so-smoothly focus hunt. Thinking I need to tap to focus, then lock it in, and then get the shot (no changing focus mid shot)?

    I picked up some PolarPro ND filters (Cinema series, ND8, ND16, ND23). ND8 seems best for cloudy days, 16 sunny-ish, and ND32 if brutally sunny?

    Are NDs worth it? Do they negatively affect the performance of the gimbal at all in terms of smoothness for moves? Do they really help the footage much?

    Do you generally leave it in auto and just let the shutter and ISO do its thing? Using an ND filter to help get it closer to ballpark? Or do you actually dial in exact manual settings as best as possible?

    For DJI, I know dlog just came back out. Worth it now? Or stick with D-Cinelike or ART?

    Native ISO 400 - important to stay here in all scene settings? Or ISO 100 and 200 fine? What about dlog, must it stay at native 400?

    -2 sharpness VS -1 sharpness? -1 Contrast vs -2 Contrast?

    General flight and cinema tips?

    Control settings for smoothness and speed to help ease in/ease out good movements?

    Registration issues: ie DJI Refresh, or no? Drone insurance, or no? If so, who when how much?

    These are just some initial questions, but I am assuming there's a dozen things you've learned along the way - tips and tricks, how to get good movements, how to customize settings better, "gotchas" and things to know on the drone, almost accidents, problem avoidance, etc.

    Thank you for the boot camp! Hopefully this thread can serve as a kick-starter thread full of wisdom, tips, and tricks for the uninitiated like myself. Can be any tip trick or lesson learned that you wish you knew earlier or that has helped you be a better pilot and/or aerial cinematographer.

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    Better check the laws on this type of activity in the countries you will be in, some are really strict.

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    Dont use -1 sharpness in shadows / dark / lowlight. It actually turn on a nasty noise reduction filter that will turn your details into mush.

    I came back home from vacation and saw that my beautiful sunset footage was destroyed by this effect. Now i just shoot with +1 sharpness and will have to denoise a little in post to remove the noise and combat the sharpening effect. Setting sharpness til 0 enables noise reduction on Mavic.

    Lets pray Dji releases a firmware to make this a user toggle asap...

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