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    Expert testimonial recorded in vertical format with Nikon D750
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    I am currently producing a video policy series on behalf of the University of Nottingham’s China Policy Institute (CPI) and Institute of Asian Pacific Studies (IAPS).

    These are expert testimonials which have been recorded vertically with my Nikon D750. The videos are best viewed in full size on smart phones and tablets.

    In the second CPI/IAPS Video Policy Brief Dr Jennifer Y.J. Hsu looks at the role and challenges of Chinese development assistance in Myanmar.



    Do you like this format? Your feedback and comments are most welcome.

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    I certainly enjoyed the lecture, but I am ambivalent about the format. I guess it depends on how the majority of users will view it.

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    This is a bit humorous-

    Go to the Vimeo link and play the video. Then place the pointer over the timeline and look at the result- images of the woman speaking in the video but awkwardly cropped so that she is headless. As've lost your head if you are shooting vertical video.
    Big sources matter.

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