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    Houdini coming from Blender?
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    Have continued to do more 3d in projects, primarily work in Blender; as well as some Maya/Mudbox & Zbrush. I noticed Houdini lowered their price on the Houdini Core package to a price where I'm now going to look at it seriously. Does anyone know how Houdini compares, particularly workflow/node-editing structure similarity to what I am now used to with Blender (w compositing, materials, shaders)?

    From an animating perspective I am used to After Effects, and continue to use it for a lot of things. I am in a pretty unique position in that I do still & design projects that need 3d components; so a good balance of modeling/animation tools is the kind of 3d program I'd like to commit to learning (not to mention pay for).

    I suppose I would have gotten a Maya subscription at this point, but the cost isn't justified for me currently. I am at the point of some of Blender's bugginess and quirks has eaten up a lot of time for me; and a commercial 3d package is something I'd like to transition to.

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    You could always download the free Houdini Apprentice and play around with that. Have to confess I tried it and went back to Blender.

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