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    160 - Turn it on - "Error occurred. Please turn the power off, then turn on again."
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    so, I sold my 160 on Ebay. It worked great and in perfect condition when I sent it off to the buyer. The camera was well maintained -91 hours on the camera. He gets it and complains it doesnt work - he sends it back to me. so I just got it back and he is right - it is broken.

    So here is what it is doing: When you turn it on it boots up slowly and the sound that it usually makes (Which I speculate it the OIS activating) now sounds odd. The LCD show that the camera won't focus - infact all of the lens rings are unresponsive both in manual and servo. withing 15 seconds of being on and error appears on the LCD which says:

    "Error occurred. Please turn the power off, then turn on again."

    I turn it off and on again and it does the same thing. If I don't turn it off the camera just shuts down. I have access to the menus and while I flip through the menus the camera will stay on but if I stop for a few moments the camera shuts itself off.

    Does anyone have any idea what is going on with the camera. I assume that I am going to have to send it to Panasonic but I would like to have an idea about what is going on with it before I send it off.

    Very frustrating to send out a perfectly good camera and get back a broken camera.

    Batteries are Panasonic - not after market stuff

    Any help would be great

    Mat Cain
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