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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Foreman View Post
    I have an Olympus zoom (12-50mm f3.5 to f6.3) with power zoom that works fine with all my Panasonic bodies. GH4, G85, G7, and GX7. The Zoom ring has 3 positions: All the way back (towards camera operator) it is a manual zoom ring, forward to the "mid" position it is a "power zoom" with turning the ring one way zooms in and the other zooms out, press the macro button to unlock and push the ring all the way forward shifts the lens into macro mode which can get you down to half life size.

    The following link is to a "showcase" thread on this lens where you can see a wide variety of images done with it:

    And this link is to an affordable "tryout" price on ebay. New it's $499, I paid $399 for mine used a few years ago.

    With the GH3, GH4, and GH5 it will be weather sealed. With the GH5 you will have In Body Image Stabilization (5 axis IBIS), this lens is very lightweight and very compact. Using the power zoom while "filming" I do notice a bit of very light flickering (this is not a constant aperture lens) but it is so slight it doesn't bother me. The vendor above does have a 14 day money back guarantee so I'd feel pretty safe going for this at $129.99.

    I figure it is "grey market" merchandise.

    If you still have a GH3 you can use it on that while you wait out the GH5, however the EVF on the GH5 is going to be way better than the one on the GH3.

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    I was looking at the "showcase", cannot find any video shots there. Could you point me to one? I would like to see this on in "motion".


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    Sorry, I don't know of any. I almost never zoom during recording so I don't have any of my own. If I have time over the weekend I'll put that Oly 12-50 on one of my bodies (Panasonics) and try to shoot one I can put up on Vimeo for you.

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    My 12-50mm on GH5 sometimes cuts off at the 35mm, saying that card is not fast enough. I have fastest V90 card there is. Have you had this effect?

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