The Inspire 2 makes a huge leap in footage quality over previous drones, shooting up to 5.2K in RAW (12 bit, 4:4:4) with 13 stops of dynamic range. You can do practically anything to the image in post, but the drone itself is relatively small and lightweight, and has all sorts of automatic tracking modes that make it easy for a single operator to manage.

  • Inspire 2 with X5S camera
  • Second controller for camera control by second operator (if wanted)
  • Multiple lenses including 30mm (equivalent), 90mm, and 28-84mm zoom
  • 10 batteries (used in pairs) for 2 hours of flight time before recharging
  • Multiple ND filters and polarizers

  • Half and full day rates as drone operator
  • Rates as low as $300 a day if you book me with additional gear from my kit (cameras, lenses, lights, Movi M15, etc.)