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    Logarist Color Correction for DaVinci Resolve, Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro X
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    Logarist now supports Adobe Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements with a free plugin.

    Logarist brings color science to the art of color correction, enabling fast and accurate adjustment right inside your video editing application, without the need to shoot raw. Logarist reduces color correction to its fundamentals, with controls that work much like the controls built into a camera or a raw image processor like Lightroom. Logarist uses look-up tables (LUTs) to transform your camera's video into a color space optimized for exposure compensation, white balance correction, and contrast adjustment, and then renders it for viewing on a standard display. Logarist makes basic color correction easy and accurate, and enables advanced corrections that are otherwise difficult or impossible. Logarist is free, and you can download it from

    Supported camera color spaces:
    • BT.709 (standard HD video)
    • Arri Alexa Log C
    • Canon EOS Neutral
    • Canon Log 1–3
    • Canon Wide DR gamma
    • Fujifilm F-Log
    • GoPro Protune
    • JVC J-Log1
    • Panasonic GH2 Standard
    • Panasonic GH4 Cinelike D
    • Panasonic GH4 V-Log L
    • Panasonic GH5 Cinelike D
    • Panasonic VariCam V-Log
    • Sony Cine1–2
    • Sony HyperGamma 2, 4, 7, and 8
    • Sony S-Log1–3

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