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    2017 wishmas list

    A list of gear I plan to pick up throughout the course of next year.

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    I watched your video and it was cute how your daughter would point to the links. Also funny when you talk about the gear and she was like, whatever.
    All humor aside, sometimes it's good to evaluate your needs and then make visible goals to remind and keep you focussed and moving forward.
    We are more likely to accomplish things when we have clear, recorded goals and plans to get there.
    I have made goal lists and gear goal lists before and they have helped me do it.

    Having said all that, for 2017 my goal is very little more gear: pretty much a mic and maybe a lightweight gimbal and external 4K recorder if the need arises, else I want to make due with what I have for some time to come. I've broadened my 4K production hopefully enough that I can avoid another new camera for a while.

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