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    Choosing between 6d and 7dII?
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    I need to make a choice between the two for both video and stills. Kindly advice



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    What features are more important to you? For example, clean image in high ISO, clean HDMI out etc.

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    I have a 7D MK1 and got the 6D rather than 7D MK2. Reason being, I wanted my next camera to be full frame for the extra wide angle advantage and the 6D reportedly has better low light performance. I use the 6D mostly for stills though. If I were you, doing more like 50-50 stills/video, I'd get the 7D MK2. It is the better camera for video (according to all the reviews I read). If you must have the low light advantage, then you could go with the 6D and buy the filter that helps eliminate moire when shooting video. Costs about $400 I believe, goes inside the sensor area and you cannot shoot stills with it installed. Easy to remove and install. The 6D only has a single autofocus point also. If AF is something you use a lot, you would find this a little disappointing I think. One more thing, work out what kind of viewfinder you need and make sure it works with the camera you want. With the 7D MK1, I bought a nice snap on viewfinder that attached to the LCD. Works great. Then I bought the 6D and went to the same shop in Bangkok to have them outfit me with another viewfinder. It has a 3.2inch screen. The guy had a hard time getting the frame to stick and stay put because the camera body is tapered around the edge of the LCD rather than flat. The frame came off after a little use. Now I'm looking at the Zacuto Z-Finder Pro ($400).


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