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    Quote Originally Posted by kplo View Post
    I almost always shoot 30p in squeeze mode. I used to shoot full frame and use one of my Screen Skins on the LCD that was marked for 1:85,so I could compose for that ratio and crop later in post. However, it was pointed out to me that doing the squeeze in camera BEFORE recording made for a slightly sharper picture. Turned out to be true and I've been using squeeze ever since.
    I also make sure to black balance occasionally after white balancing...seems to keep the noise level down. My settings are pretty standard: Detail -2, Master ped: -2 or -3, Gamma settings change depending on the scene. Outdoors in contrasty daylight I use High Gamma and drop the exposure a tad to protect the highlights. Interiors I generally leave on normal for talking head scenes that can be lit. For interiors where I have to use available light, I can push it a stop (6db gain) without too much damage to the image, depending on the contrast in the scene. Knee: Auto, I always leave Detail Coring: 3 or 4.
    Anyway, hope this helps. Others may want to post their own DVX "secret sauce".
    Thanks Ken! That's a good starting point. Let's see what other 'secret sauce' people are willing to share. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by robfilms View Post
    You shot "Speed Bag" on the DVX100?

    Impressive :-)

    Be well.

    Nooo.... that was shot with my AF-100 & HMC-150 (those two play nicely together)!

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    I have not used my DVX 100 for probably 4 years. Still have it. Maybe it is time to see if my batteries will even hold a charge and then fire her up. I love the camera. Been using the DVX200 but the 100 is so easy to use and very light! Been thinking of selling it. Buy you guys have inspired me to try and fire her up.

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