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    Field Monitor choices
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    I am looking for an in-expensive field monitor for my AC90. This is for Conferences, corporate, some fashion shoots etc where it is normally fixed camera on a tripod.
    Often there is a TV on location with an HDMI input so I can use that. However a TV is impractical in many places. Therefor I thought a 7 or 10 inch field monitor. What are some *entry level* field monitors that anyone has tried with the AC90? I normally shoot 1080 HD.

    I have had recommended some Liliput field monitors. the 7" 339, 664 or 5D and the 10" FA1011 or FA1014 NP/C Does anyone have any experience of these or can recommend something else (entry level)


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    I have a 7" liliput that I've used with hmc150 and hck10(hmc40), but not my AC90 yet.
    It's not great but I have used it because it makes focussing easier as well as guarding against excessive noise due to gain.
    It seems to be comparable to an ikan 7" I also have. Not great, but useful and affordable.

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