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    Panasonic: Charles Papert shoots MTV's "Mary and Jane" on VariCam 35
    Panasonic just sent this out:

    MTVs new scripted series, Mary + Jane, best friends Paige and Jordan (Jessica Rothe and Scout Durwood) navigate the trials and tribulations of being in their 20s, running an all-female weed delivery service in Los Angeles  all while trying to find romance in Los Angeles. To shoot the hour comedy series, the producers at Television 360 enlisted cinematographer Charles Papert (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Key and Peele). Although Papert had been shooting with the ARRI Alexa for the past four years and saw no reason to switch, he was intrigued by the VariCam after reading about it and seeing it at a trade show. I also started to think about how various outfits like Netflix are mandating 4K acquisition, he explains. I needed to be ready when that call comes to know which camera I want to shoot with, because thats something that comes up in job interviews."

    We have posted the full story on social media site here,

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    And in case you haven't seen it, Charles is very gracious with his time and has posted about this in a forum here:
    Getting high (ISO) on MTV's "Mary + Jane"

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    Thank you Barry and Mark!
    Charles Papert

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