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50 @f1.2 x1.6 crop => a unique in-camera dreamy effect added to every photo

however, if you want to own a 50mm lens, many would recommend sigma 50 f1.4 art for its obvious sharpness when wide open.

50 f1.2 is very different from Canon's f1.4 or f1.8 versions, is probably the smallest lightest L lens, and is almost completely weather sealed. Sigma's f1.4 art is bigger, heavier, and sharper (at same aperture) than 50 f1.2.
The 1.2 is actually quite a heavy lens, and balances really poorly even on a 1D, despite how short it is. My 135L is way lighter.

It's hard to do anything at 1.2 focus wise, but with the DPAF on my 1DX II I can really accomplish a lot. Stopped down it's still nice, too, but it's definitely not the sharpest lens but makes up for it with other qualities. Just gotta be careful, 'cause there's a lot of chromatic aberration from it too. That can be corrected in camera, to an extent, but not with every camera.