Hey all,

New to the forum! Had my A7s mkII for a short while now and am loving it! I came from shooting the C100 mk2 which had an ABB function - I read somewhere (dubious sources) that using the ABB after shooting at high ISO's helps keeps sensor noise down... don't know if there was any truth to that but nevertheless I used it often when I pushed the camera to 10/20k ISO and my images came out great on the c100mk2.

Needless to say, shooting with the A7s there's a lot of high ISO situations for video... is there some similar feature on this camera to use after high-ISO use to balance out the sensor for the next time you shoot? Some people on Reduser say they black balance every time they turn the camera on/off which seems a bit paranoid to me haha. Any help/thoughts would be great! Thanks so much!