Using a DSLR again for a crew environment was weird for sure. The mirror got jammed on the duclos modded Leica R lenses we were using. Our rails weren't setup correct either because the camera is so tall so no follow focus. Other than that the camera performed great. The image speaks for itself. I am truly impressed and really happy with the color information that this camera captures. Its hard to put your finger on it...but it has something really special. Look at the 1DC stuff and the C100 stuff and you really can see a huge difference even with the same lenses.

All 1DC:
HUSTLER Frame Grab 03.jpgHUSTLER Frame Grab 02.jpgHUSTLER Frame Grab 01.jpgHUSTLER Frame Grab 04.jpg

These were C100:
HUSTLER Frame Grab 05.jpgHUSTLER Frame Grab 06.jpgHUSTLER Frame Grab 07.jpg