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    linking objects
    I have two icons, one on the left and the other on the right side... in the middle, i have a line that is conected to both icons.
    My questions is how i can link the line to both icons, so, if i move left icon up, left extreme of the line will follow the movement while right extreme stay the position..
    Any help?
    (Sorry guys, my english is not good enought

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Director View Post
    Pick Whip
    Which, to elaborate a tiny bit, is one way to parent a layer or object to another layer.

    For the specific situation you are describing; it sounds like parenting will not work as intended as the entire line would follow the left icon.

    Perhaps you can select the layers, make a pre-comp of them, and then rotate the pre-comp to achieve the desired effect.

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    Try this...

    Effects > Generate > Beam

    Then alt-click on the stopwatch for the Starting Point and pick-whip that to the Position of your left icon. Next, position the ending point to be at the line that divides the two icons. Now when you move the icon, the line should follow. Adjusting the Time, Length, Thickness, and Colors of the Beam will make it look more like a regular line and not a light-saber.

    Do the same for the other icon and you should be done.

    Here is a tutorial:

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    Thanks Bobby!!!
    Thats was i looking for and the tutorial is very good explained.
    Thanks a lot

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