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    Dvx100b AVI footage to MOV for Davinci Resolve - High Quality Convert
    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you in advanced to anyone who can assist me with this situation.

    Years ago when I owned the Dvx100b, I shot a bunch of footage and digitized it with my Windows workstation.
    After my workstation gave out (Footage in external drives) I moved to a MAC environment and started to work on other projects.

    Now I need to complete the concept video for that particular project & I tried importing the footage into Davinci REsolve but it seems like its not compatable with AVI files.

    Im going to have to convert the footage into a File Format that is compatible with the NLE.

    Does anyone know of high quality software that will help me out in this situation.

    P.s- Please dont suggest to shoot the footage again or to use premiere pro or any other compatible NLE.



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    Seems unusual that you can't import an AVI formatted file into Resolve regardless of platform. Can you post a media-info analysis of a sample AVI? It may be an issue with the codec, not the container. if you need it. A useful analysis tool to have in the box. Be careful not to install any extra bloatware that is included in the download.

    Conversion software:
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