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    Varicam 35 and LT forum is here!
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    Hi all. Welcome to the new Varicam 35 and LT forum. Like any other part of DVXUser, lets play nice and get involved.

    Just a reminder of our eight P's.

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry_Green View Post
    We've occasionally made informal references to the various "P"s, but it hasn't been officially codified, and it's about time it was. So, without further adieu, here are the Eight P's:

    1. No Politics
    We've tried it and it doesn't work. There are many other sites where you can discuss politics, just not this one.

    2. No Pornography
    Please don’t post any images or links to images with explicit sexual content -- Nudity in still images is not acceptable. Links to films that contain nudity are acceptable as long as the post is appropriately labeled for content. Links to any pornographic content are unacceptable. In addition, discussion of pornographic films, websites, the business of producing it, the morals of it, etc are not welcome here.

    3. No Personal Attacks
    Personal insults of any sort are not tolerated. If you feel another user’s post is inappropriate, please report the post or contact a moderator. Participating in a flame war is uncool even if someone else started it—and just like mom and dad, we’ll give you both timeouts.

    4. No Prosletyzing
    Just like politics - we've tried it and it doesn't work. There are many other sites where you can discuss religion, just not this one.

    5. No Piracy
    We’re a community of content creators, so don't post about how to rip off other content creators or endorsing it or posting bittorrent links. No cracks, hacks, warez, any of that. It's illegal, it's immoral, and it's not welcome here.

    6. No Profiteering
    Please don’t try selling your products here unless you're an official site sponsor. It costs a lot of money to administer this site, those costs are defrayed by our sponsors, and it's not fair to paying sponsors to have people using the site they pay for used to promote other products. This means no commercial signatures and no advertising, unless you're an official DVXUser site sponsor. Uncleared advertisement signatures and posts will be removed. Those wanting to become site sponsors should contact Jason Ramsey at

    7. No Poaching
    If you have something to contribute to the community, please contribute it here, don't just say "hey everyone, look what's going on over on my own site." That's just a lame way of trying to build your own site up by poaching our members, and it's just not cool. Don't be a "taker", be a contributor.

    8. No Pi$$ing In The Pool
    Trolling, Baiting, Complaining and beating dead horses is like urinating in the pool -- it may make you feel good, but it kind of ruins it for everyone else. This includes complaints about things which happen on other message boards/websites -- it has nothing to do with DVXuser and we have no reason to air it here.
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    Loved Carlton's win over Geelong on the weekend.

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