If you haven't heard of these lights, you're not alone. I saw a group buy for these things over at REDUser a few weeks back, but didn't jump on them. I'm thinking I wish I had.

The BladeLight is a high-output, high-CRI LED strip light that looks kinda like a Kino Diva. The beauty of this system is that there's a lens in the fixture that offers multiple beam angles for greater control over the light. The integrated barn doors let you shape the light easily, putting the light only where you want it.

The lights can be controlled by an app, are fully dimmable, and come in Daylight, Tungsten, and Bi-Color models. What's also cool is you can attach them to each other to create whatever size of fixture you want/need.

If you're interested, the cost for the 18" Daylight model is less than $500, and the 36" is just under $800.