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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarek Zabczynski View Post
    It's because this forum has turned into DSLRuser…I moved to REDuser years ago, so have many others. Even if you don't have a Red, it's where you want to be, great people and more importantly all the cool stuff that people used to post about here. This place has gotten very clicky and I've personally felt shunned out of here more than a couple times.

    Would love to know how may of the current active users have actually owned a DVX-100, or even used one…just saying! ;)
    I haven't moved to Reduser, but often just lurk and read the articles I have an interest in. I concur with you about this site being clicky though. Dvxuser was a great site to share work and get feedback, these days I've found it's not worth the effort to bother uploading videos anymore, very rarely do people take the time to watch and comment, with the exception of user DPStewart, who does take the time to give some feedback. I will say, I recently made a thread pertaining the filming of food, and the community was great, very forthcoming with good advice. I guess it's hit or miss.

    Either way, I don't read the boards anywhere near as much as I used to. Most of the threads are camera oriented these days and less about actual filmmaking. A lot of the questions are redundant due to new users not taking the time to look back through the threads, which brings me to my next point, the search function here is lousy, very convoluted and disorganized. But then again, the mods volunteer, and I can't blame them for it either, I certainly don't have the time to spend organizing ten years of threads.

    I personally know a few people that have left because of the way the site is moderated. Ireally don't have any issue with the mods, but some people take offense to what they feel is censorship. To each is there own I guess!

    I've been around for a little while, never owned a dvx though, I was a Canon guy and shot the xl1-2, then xha1, went through the 35mm adapter day's shooting 50 iso:-) Though it did teach me to light much better.

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    Awesome…we got moved into "other"...

    Yet DVX-100 and HVX-200/HPX-170 still have their own...
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