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Oh love exists alright.
It's all over the place.
It can and will rise up within you in different ways and at different times.

Love is a verb. You're supposed to do it. Show it. Feel it. Not just sit around thinking about it.

No two people will love each other in exactly the same way. There are as many different variations on the expression of love as there are people loving.

But people are a difficult species... trust is a bitch.
By its very definition, the deeper you love the more you expose yourself to potentially crushing pain. But the only way to avoid the pain is not to love - and that is no solution at all.
Well said DPStewart!
This is a question that everyone asks themselves at least once during a lifetime....kind of like the "why are we here?" question.
Having lived for over 50 years (and been through some serious stuff in those years), I've asked myself that same question MANY times.
LOVE & TRUST are two completely different things, yes they go hand in hand, but I've found that I can love someone and not trust them at all...and I can trust someone, but not love them.
I have the biggest problem with trust...once you lose that...or never find it in the first place, loving that same person (in a complete way) becomes impossible. (divorce can do that to ya)

Example; I had given up on 'love' and came to the conclusion that I would be alone for the rest of my life....then, out of the blue, I reconnect with a high school crush (turns out she had a crush on me too).
We've been together for just about a year now and things are great. Now if she would just get rid of that husband, we'd be all set! (I kid...I Kid...)

That said, you haven't lived if you haven't felt the deepest, darkest pain...as well as the endless bliss of Love & Trust!

Remember, we come into the world alone...and we leave alone (everyone dies their own death)...just love yourself and love will find you. Life is short, enjoy it!