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    FRUSTRATED BEYOND BELIEF - How do I get customer support???
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    So a few years ago I paid over $1000 to buy the ADOBE PRODUCTION PREMIUM suite. Since then they created the cloud. Sorry, I don't fly. I like owning my own software and I'm not into paying monthly memberships. So I didn't join their cloud. I am having technical difficulty with AE and need customer support. A simple CHAT support would suffice. I'd even be happy to PAY for the support. But after spending many days trying to figure out how to get customer support from ADOBE, all I can find is the "FORUM" option, because I am not on their cloud. I have been to the forum and posted my problem over 10 days ago and to date RECEIVED NO SUPPORT.

    So what gives? How is a customer supposed to get help? Does anyone here know how I can get support to resolve this AE issue I have been having, which is STOPPING MY ENTIRE WORK.

    Just because they started a cloud membership system does not mean they should abandon their loyal customers who have been with them for decades and paid high dollars to buy the software. Do we just not count anymore?

    I am hoping one of you might know how I can obtain proper customer support, other than their so far useless forum.
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    I'm not really sure why you're bringing up CC. All of the menus I see include legacy products. The support pipeline shouldn't change, other than what they've changed for everyone. If you mean because it's asking you to sign in with your Adobe ID, you can have one without a subscription.

    The forum is the first stopping point. That's what I ended up with for my problem, and I'm a CC customer. The next would likely be to call them. I don't remember my password or I'd log in and see what's available via the website, but last time I had a support question it took me to the forum. Personally I haven't called them for years, but I'm sure they can point you the right way. 1 (800) 833-6687.

    That said, it's not impossible that their answer would be it doesn't work because your software is old. But it's unlikely, since CS6 isn't that old.
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