I have some video (MXF) files that are registering corrupt in Premiere 2015. I tried to view them in P2 Viewer Plus, but I can not get any of my P2 files to play (even from different projects). I used Acrok MXF Converter and all the "corrupt" files play fine. I am using a brand new i7 Windows 10 machine.

Here is some additional information that might be relevant:
My project folder was on a 1.5T portable drive. When I got my new machine, I transferred all the data to the new machine. The new machine only had Premier 2015, so when I opened the file, it did a conversion. Only 3 out of 50 files from that project and the same card were corrupt.

I would appreciate any insight as to how to fix my "corrupt" mxf files and getting my p2 Viewer plus to play any files.

PS. This is a 90% complete project, so I would rather not convert to another format and starting over would be very labor intensive.

Thank you!