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    Dead Inside - Team Peon
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    Dead Inside
    During a mandatory city wide evacuation, a devoted husband in a failed marriage struggles to reconcile with his estranged wife.

    23 Oct - Script Written
    24/25 Oct - Production
    26 Oct - Submitted!

    This felt like a 48, well more like 72 hour.
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    Well done on getting your entry completed and in on time. I didn't doubt it as you've been a long time supporter of the DVXFests with many entries over the years.


    I found overall the story moved a little slow up until the phone call. I think all of the points you wanted to establish could have occurred much faster.

    We know he was bitten by a zombie and is probably on limited time and then we get to his desire to see his son again before it's all over. That's some nice story layered, then it's impossible for him to leave as the zombies arrive.

    As opposed to the beginning it was all over quickly and I think there could have been more play there wth the tension.

    Again, well done on completing yet another entry.
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