Nice thanks Paul! Can you apply both the Leeming LUT and Quickie in the Lumetri setting in Premiere? Or is it best to apply the Leeming LUT, nest the shot, and then re-apply a 2nd Lumetri for the Quickie? I haven't had time to play with the Quickies yet

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As well as the corrective LUT, I created some Quickies which can be used as a second node, or Creative LUT in Lumetri, to give you an instant look after correcting the initial image with Leeming LUT One.

There are two free packs. The first is for the older v126 LUT as is kept online for posterity mostly, and the second pack (v2) is designed for the current v201 LUT.

They are designed for use with Leeming LUT One, but you can just as easily use them as regular LUTs for other footage. They are designed around, and expect, a Rec709 corrected image as a starting point. If you have that you can easily use them in your regular workflow even without Leeming LUT One in the mix

Download the pack you want here:

I will be building more free Quickie Packs in the future with more creative looks, once I've finished developing the next set of corrective LUTs for the Sony A7S, A6300, the JVC GY-LS300 and GH2.

Hope this helps!